Ready... Set... Go!

Gearing up and getting ready for 2014. A tabletop full of supplies ready to go and that's only the start of it! Looking forward to a bunch of cool new jewelry styles in 2014!

Logo Merch?!

So I have this idea, since I've gotten SO many compliments on my new logo (courtesy of the artistic talents of Alyxx Duggins), that maybe I should get T-shirts and posters made up with the logo...

Mod, Monsters, and Mai Tais

Well, we had a WONDERFUL time at MOD Palm Springs two weeks ago. It was fun all around and great to see everyone from Tiki Caliente again! Ken and I ended up with food poisoning on Friday night (not from the food at the show, we went to a little diner and the food was awful) and were under the weather on Saturday, but everyone was great to us and made sure we were doing OK.

I was really pleased with MOD it did exceptionally well for a first year event and I want to thank Rory, Josh and everyone else involved for putting together such a great show, we're really looking forward to participating again next year and watching it grow!

Again I underestimated this event (just like I did Tiki Caliente) and sold a lot more stuff than I thought I would so I will only be bringing one table worth of goodies to Monsters and Mai Tais, but since it's a Halloween show I'll be bringing some old stock from my goth/punk shows and will be making some great deals on it, so get there early if you want to get some fun stuff for Halloween at a great price! Hope to see everyone there, it should be a blast so come by, even if it's just to say 'hi.' ^_^

In the Aftermath...

Hi all! Sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. I haven't really posted much or updated the website since Tiki Oasis because we were in a car accident on the way home from Tiki Beach Fest back in August. Ken and I are both okay, but it has made life a huge hassle for a few weeks.

Just as we were getting back in gear and catching up with things we had gotten behind on because of the accident, I found out at a routine trip to the optometrist that there's something wrong with my right optic nerve (and possibly my brain) that has led to a flurry of doctor's visits and tests as well as a whole lot of stress, anxiety and depression for me. Through it all I'm trying to stay positive (even though this is really scary for me) but with all of the appointments and tests and such I've gotten even further behind! So needless to say this is the first chance I've had since mid-August to let everyone know what's going on, update my websites, and post on facebook. I don't know when my etsy shop will be back up and running, but probably not until at least November or December. However, even if it is not up by then, if you want to order a holiday gift or anything else in the meantime please contact me here on facebook or via email [email protected] and I'll be glad to oblige.

My next show a Mimsy B.'s Kitsch Korner is Mod-Palmsprings on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013, and I was recently invited to be a vendor at Monsters and Mai Tais at the Tonga Hut Tiki Lounge in North Hollywood. This coming weekend and the weekend after I will be at several other shows as Mimsy Borogoves.

Had a Fabulous Time at Tiki Oasis 13!

Tiki Oasis is over for another year and we had a WONDERFUL time. Every year I think that they can't possibly top the year before and every year they prove me wrong and make if better than the year before. The booth looked great and we loved sharing it with our friends at Henna Dreams. And although we were too exhausted to enjoy all of the room parties, the stage performances were awesome. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this year the best year yet again and hope to see you next year!

Just Got Accepted at Another Tiki-reffic Event!

That's right! MImsy B.'s Kitch Korner is gonna be at the Tiki Beach Festival at Belmont Shores the weekend after Tiki Oasis!!! It's free so be sure to come out and say hi! August is going to be SSSOOO busy!!! For more information on this and other events please check out our schedule page.

The International TIKI Market Place @ Don the Beachcomber

Well after a nice day at the International TIKI Market Place at Don the Beachcomber and much traffic on the return trip, we finally got home after a 3 hour drive! But seriously, we had a good time, it wasn't super busy, but we made a bunch of sales and because it was such a relaxing day we finally got a chance to start meeting some of the other vendors. Can't wait for next time and I hope we get to see all the new friends that we made at Tiki Oasis next month!